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The traditional shopping way seems to be out of fashion quickly. In today’s fast world, you should consider developing an on-demand grocery delivery app that can provide food ingredients on the same day to the customers.

Today more than before everyone seeks a solution to save their resources, money, or time, manage their daily routine. Caring for some home problems can be very stressful, thus, advanced technology happily helps.

It won’t be wrong to say that the nature of everywhere of the smartphone has brought online shopping into an easy range for most people around the world – more than developed countries.

Shopping for food and food ingredients online through special food shopping apps is not only a cool thing to do, but it has also become a basic need in a fast-paced world today – you just don’t have time to visit a grocery store!

If you still have some doubts about how popular online food shopping is, this trend will help clarify things:

e marketer data grocery apps

Source: E marketer

E marketer predicts sales of online food shopping in the US will increase by 17.8% year-to-year in 2021.

Statista reports grocery apps

Source: Statista

According to Statista reports, sales estimates for grocery delivery apps showed a range of 29.7 billion US dollars in 2021.

business insider grocery apps data sheet

Source: Business Insider

Apropos Business Insider, the on-demand grocery category will see an increase in users. The hope is that online grocery shopping can reach $ 117 billion in 2023.

These statistics make it clear that online food shopping is not just a big and growing rapid business; This is also a favorite. It must have been time to jump to the bandwagon and carve a piece of your cake.

The next easy way to utilize this market is to develop a mobile application for shopping for food ingredients.

Now you can ask: How to build a Grocery Delivery app?

Read on because this article will give you an idea of ​​the competition and take you through the process of how online grocery shopping applications are developed.

Covid-19 effect on grocery shopping

Shopping in the store is no longer as easy as before. With the outbreak of Covid-19, the pandemic people need their food ingredients sent directly to their homes, safely.

In combination with kitchen purchase staples, home goods, tableware, and all food, the e-grocery business also witnessed in a hurry for various demand for household goods.

With people who practice the social distance and closure applied in various parts of the world, the concept of delivery of “lack of contact” has been found which includes grocery manufacture through autonomous drones.

Coronavirus is not yet good in other sectors but the delivery of food ingredients on request sees positive effects. This is one of the sectors that have the potential to grow even in this economy.

covid 19 online shoping impacts

Source: Numerator

Famous Grocery Delivery Apps

Because there are many players already on the market, we have listed several food delivery applications that are famous for your sized competition.


instacart digital

Instacart can be considered a gold standard for grocery apps because this is the largest online grocery shopping service provider. This grocery delivery and pick-up service serve customers in 5,500 cities in the United States and Canada.

Customers can order food items from retailers who participate and have personal shoppers shopping for them. Instacart has partnered with a large grocery store and distributor, providing significant advantages over the competition.

Users have access to various items and can even compare prices from various retailers. Instacart has a membership service called Instacart Express; Being a member frees delivery costs based on orders of more than 35$.



Flipp is considered one of the best apps for grocery shopping. This is the only app that matches various brand coupons with the local supermarkets.

Flipp is made to help people save money when shopping. Every week this provides a lot of information and useful updates from various retailers.

Flipp helps find stores or certain brands easily and fast. The notification service is a great tool to notify users about close offers and issue clippings. Such a grocery mobile application provides detailed items – customers only have to use and hold product items to see additional info about it.



Shipt is an American delivery service owned by the target corporation. This allows members to receive same-day delivery through the smartphone app or their websites from various retailers.

Customers can order products from local retailers such as Costco, CVS, Harris Teeter, Lucky’s Market, H-E-B, Jewel Osco, Kroger, and Winn-Dixie with shipt membership. The fleet is more than 50,000 shipt buyers around country shops and delivers customers orders.



Usually, all customers are looking for the best grocery shopping apps to get the best deals. GroceryPal is one of the leading services that offer users what they need. It provides access to check all possible sales and offers in customer’s favorite stores, including non-grocery options. Such a platform provides users with a simple way to add sales items to their shopping list.



Instashop is an on-demand delivery app for a domestic marketplace that began as a grocery delivery app in Dubai about five years ago and since it was expanded.

Apart from the grocery store, pharmacy, heater, pet shop, fresh product market, and other local retailers have been added. It is a leading company in the on-demand delivery market in the MENA region because of its simplicity and comfort of service.

Big Basket.


Big Basket is an online grocery delivery service based in India. The company mainly provides grocery items found in all-around stores, home essence, and food ingredients. Bigbasket was founded in December 2011 and is currently owned by Tata Group.

Walmart App.


Given the popular services for grocery shopping offer diverse customer functions. After ordering items online and after receiving readiness notifications, users can take them to the store. Walmart payment options allow payment while scanning the Barcode. A great reorder system serves to get your favorite product with one touch.

Mobile app for food assistance by getting goods quickly, checking prices, making inventory lists, get information in stores, etc. The app mentioned provides special express pharmaceutical solutions, simplifies the shopping process. You can even send money to more than 200 countries through the application in question.

Defeating Competition

The summary mentioned above should give you a good idea about the competition and some of the main features of the delivery apps.

To engage potential customers, your application will require some unique sales features that distinguish them from other apps and services from the same category.

beat the competition

Some features that customers may expect in the new grocery delivery app may be cost savings, a simple interface, and various kinds of products.

We can now continue planning and process details about how you can build grocery apps.

General Stages in Development of Grocery Shopping/Delivery App

  • Choose a business model
  • Choose the right development company
  • Project Planning and Costs
  • Design and development
  • Maintenance and support

Choose a business model for your grocery shopping app

There are several business models available specifically for grocery shopping and delivery. You can choose one that meets your needs depending on your current settings and plans. Each model has its own pros and cons.

Solo Grocery Store:

This model makes the option for one store to offer its products online. Customers place orders for food ingredients, and this will be sent to them by the rider. The choices are limited to only specialized stores products, so maybe there are only a few products unless it’s a very big retailer, like Walmart.

Combined Platform:

This business model has aggregation of several partner stores included in the app. Customers choose products from various stores listed; The product selected is then taken by the store driver and sent to the customer.

Marketplace Grocery Store:

A Marketplace grocery store is similar to grocery collection apps, but there are significant differences. You must choose your own delivery boy for your online grocery market to deliver food ingredients orders by customers.

Pick-up Model:

With this type of application, customers can choose various items from several stores, which are then collected in central locations for customers to collect easily.

Hybrid model: As the name implies, this model can be a combination of one of the other business models mentioned above.

Choose the right Development Company

This is an important step to successfully develop your grocery delivery app. The fate of your application depends on contacting the right development team. You need to do research and examine credentials from potential grocery application developers.

grocery shopping app

To get a clear idea about the expertise and suitability of development companies, you can review their past projects, systems, and procedures, testimonials from previous customers, and available technical experts.

Share your ideas and the business model with the development company and request project proposals, including detailed costs. After you choose the grocery application development company and reach an agreement on the results and costs, you must sign a contract.

Where to find companies that provide Grocery App Development Services

Certain special websites compile a list of service providers based on specific criteria such as previous client reviews and technical expertise. This mentioned list searches for reliable professional expertise. Companies that provide grocery app development services can be found on the websites below:

  • LinkedIn

Project Planning and Costs

Before starting work on your dream application, it is very wise to find out the instant details, allocate the right budget, get technical feedback and consider the applicable options. It is also important to build a realistic timeline so that the development agency knows when they are expected to provide results.

Estimated grocery app development costs

Application development does not mean a simple process, with costs and a period of time, based on several factors. Usually range from $50 per hour to more than $120 per hour, while the time needed may be between 500 hours to more than 800 hours. This is only a rough estimate because some factors access to determine costs. The main one is given below:

Grocery Delivery App Cost

  • Complexity and time taken
  • Features
  • The number of developers needed in the team
  • Choice of platforms
  • Location of application development companies

To improve customer comfort, you might want to add specific features such as order tracking. This technical feature has a separate fee.

The following is a more detailed cost to help you in planning.

Design and Development

After the planning process, design and development can begin. This is the most and intensive stage of resources.

The development company will design the structure and flow of apps according to your needs. Visual aspects must be shared with you at each stage using Wireframes and samples.

Usually, every functionality is developed and shared as a separate iteration. After developing the application was complete, it was tested and then launched.

Customer version features from grocery apps

  • The registration process often allows entries through social media accounts such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • A comprehensive product display system with easy browsing and detail.
  • The payment system is often associated with a credit or debit card or a kind of e-wallet.
  • Delivery tracking options are expected by the customer to stay up to date with their delivery.
  • Special offers can be used to attract new users.
  • Options for customer testimonials can help improve the reliability of your grocery apps.

The features of the Rider version of the grocery app

  • Drivers will need a kind of notification system and option to accept or reject orders.
  • Navigation maps will enable riders to reach customer locations easily.
  • Communication channels in the application so that drivers and customers can contact each other if needed.
  • The option of making bills so that the driver can obtain customer verification after delivering orders.
  • Dashboard of income for riders to keep records and the amount obtained by each.

Features of the Administrator version of the grocery app

  • Recent orders, approved, or be sent specifically, as well as orders placed through customer apps or websites, must be seen by the administrator, which can delegate it to other drivers as needed.
  • Admin can easily manage riders to fully monitor grocery delivery app solutions; They can connect, delete, or block it as needed.
  • The admin panel must also allow you to manage client details, with their relevant data displayed, such as ratings and order history. Customer questions will be answered faster, and the user experience will be increased.
  • Admin can handle various grocery categories that you want to sell and manage the whole business with retail distribution management tools.
  • Admin can use the Analytics features to make reports for riders or to track efficiency from time to time.

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Maintenance and support

Last but no less important, after launching your grocery delivery app, its needs maintenance, and support. Grocery app development companies will provide support for unexpected problems that can occur when users start using solutions.

After the initial release and even after weeks of use, client feedback allows you to know which features should be added smoothly.

maintenance and suport

Separate your app from the competition by adding new and unique features

The delivery app for food ingredients has several basic features such as:

  • List of partner grocery stores
  • Search options that are suitable for finding items
  • Shopping cart
  • Delivery scheduling option
  • Integration with payment gateways

In addition, you can add some special features to make your application stand out from the crowd.

Some grocery apps, for example, have features that let you store shopping lists and reorder items from previous purchases. Other features allow users to view nutritional information and filter items based on whether they are gluten, organic, or vegan. In fact, users can also get recipes that they can try at home. They can even communicate with their customers through the application.

Provide convenient search & Item catalog to your customers

Development of special applications for food ingredients will give you the ease of your users looking for and catalog management. For you, as supermarket owners or shopping startups, it is very difficult to manage manual shares and store counts to store products.

search and item catalog of grocery apps

What if we say that this function can be easily achieved through the development of mobile apps. The development of the Grocery app is a one-stop solution for all your lists and stocking worries.

The Grocery App has a very long managing product list of products with each photo and price. All product details have their reserves in the mobile app library and thus, all information is stored safely.

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Super easy navigation and simplified user interface

The interaction between applications and end-users needs to be very simple and fun to use. Users cannot complete their shopping assignments or find the information they need if the information is unclear and concise.

The grocery ordering app needs to meet the small screen too, so buyers can easily switch between product categories and return to the Home screen.

Make a favorable partnership

When your business is online, it becomes very important to develop partnerships that generate additional profits. Many grocery delivery apps end up being part of a successful partnership with other companies.

Some examples of partnerships:

  • German retailer Aldi partnered with Instacart in 2017 to launch a food delivery service that is on-demand in the US.
  • Costco delivery is available in several countries through Inscacart. To order from Costco on Instacart, you don’t need a membership, but there are delivery costs, and prices may not be the same as the cost of Costco.
  • Costco announced a partnership with Shipt, an online grocery delivery service, in March 2017. Shipt, unlike Instacart, charged a membership fee of $99 per year or $14 per month with free delivery for more than $35 orders.

Make a favorable partnership

Monetization strategy

The main purpose of every business is to make money, which requires the use of monetization strategies. Below we have listed several monetization options for your online grocery delivery app.

  • On each delivery, users are subject to a certain amount as delivery costs. It varies based on order size.
  • Many food shopping delivery apps impose monthly or annual membership fees. For example, Instacart offers annual membership called Instacart Express.
  • Many stores charge higher prices for their items than usual. Money made of use is used to pay for delivering people.
  • A busy surge or price, similar to Uber, can work here too. There is an increase in delivery costs during rush hour and popular delivery times like a vacation.

Mobile App Monetization Strategy

Are you ready to start developing your grocery shopping delivery app?

As you can see, online grocery shopping is very overtaking conventional shopping. The time is ripe for you to kick-start the process of building your own grocery shopping delivery app. Go ahead and catch this profitable part of the market.

Designing a decent grocery shopping service is a way to succeed. Remember that every year the number of online grocery buyers increases rapidly.

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