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When mobile apps for business enter the market, they are business reserves and large corporations. However, this has changed rapidly in recent years.

According to application developers, small companies and businesses realize better returns and serve clients better use mobile applications. Understanding the benefits of Android applications can help you understand their interests.

Visibility to clients at any time

The average mobile device users spend a minimum of two hours on their devices every day. There are more than one billion smartphones globally.

The fact that people spend more time on mobile devices than a very good PC for any business, as long as you match this shift by adjusting your marketing plan.

When you have a mobile presence, your business will be exposed to a larger audience. Your logo, name, and image need to be seen when people unlock, scroll, and use their cellphone while traveling.

Direct marketing

The mobile application provides a lot of information related to your business about your clients. For example, you receive geographical location and demographics.

Direct marketing

Additional benefits are you can provide a lot of information to your customers about your services and products.

Information can include, but is not limited to, special rates, promotions, prices, new features, product specifications, and news feeds. The mobile application will give you the opportunity to meet the needs of individual clients by giving you their preferences.

According to application developers, the application has a high probability to grow your business.

Provide value

If you have a loyalty program, you must try to digitize it through a mobile application. You can move to a collection of smartphone gifts and get rid of traditional methods. Clients are interested invaluable services and products.

Because there are many outlets that offer the same services or products, customers feel the challenge of making decisions. You can take advantage of creating a mobile application that urges customers to your store.

For example, your application can have a push message that is sensitive to the area. When clients are near your brick-and-mortar location, they are invited to your store using a notification.

Potential buyers will enter the store try to see if you have something they need. When they buy items, send them a notification thank you. This step has been effective for many offline businesses.

Brand introduction

Whether you start a business or change the existing rebranding, the mobile application can help you increase your recognition.

Application developers found that making applications with preferred features will have a luring effect on potential and current clients. Functional applications have more value than billboards.

Customer involvement

Every customer needs a way to reach the service or product they want. If your business cannot be contacted, you tend to lose customers. Mobile applications have been found useful in allowing clients to achieve business.

Making a help desk on this application is useful. Application developers say customers can use it to send complaints, comments, orders, questions, and even praise.Customer involvement

You will have great customer involvement when you can reply to all posts from your clients. Make sure reservations and bookings are as simple as possible.

People are usually bored and discouraged when such a process is long. Some can choose to click the “Cancel” button instead of the “Next” button.

Stand out from the crowd

This is a fact of mobile applications will establish any business from its competitors who do not have the same. Take advantage of the benefits of this marketing tool while your competitors are still trying to find a way to get it.

When your rival pays attention to the importance of Android applications, you will reach the biggest market share.

It doesn’t matter what you sell. The application will ensure you lead among your friends. Your clients will see your services and products with one touch of their cellphone screen. You need to take advantage of the fact that this application is simple, fast, and easy to operate.

Increase customer loyalty

Do you know the number of clients who return to your business for the second purchase? This is an important question and part of your business that requires cultivation. The best customer loyalty is achieved when they are reminded of your business and service or the product you have.

At present, there is much noise advertising out there. Examples include social media marketing, leaflets, flashing signs, billboards, and so on. Do you think adding your communication to this useful platform? The risk of your message is forgotten or lost in the midst of all this noise. It is wise to rethink your marketing strategy.

Application developers are aware of mobile applications offering sincere and honest connections between your clients and businesses. The fact that it is fingertips means increasing loyalty and recognition.

Create an app of social platform

You can integrate your application with many social features. There are studies that have revealed a large number of people into the social media platform to have updates about what their friends do. By entering this idea, people will pursue their friends while looking at your platforms

Features such as photo-sharing capabilities in the application, likes, comments, and messaging are examples of where to start. Next, you can allow users to enter using social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

This approach is effective in increasing client retention, repetitive sales, monetization, and customer involvement.

Compliment your website

The majority of marketers usually question the need for applications when they have a functional website. The fact is that mobile applications will always complete the ability of the website.

They work together on websites that will attract potential clients while the application creates loyalty among existing customers.

The website requires users to enter the URL in the browser. The application only needs one touch on the screen. By remembering this, a website is very good for providing information and content such as photos, videos, and copies. At the same time, may not have two-way communication that you find in the application.

Make Your Business Complete With A Mobile App

Application developers already understand that retailers will find it difficult to compete without mobile applications. In fact, most likely you have lost customers without functional mobile applications.

Here are some necessary statistics distributed by several E-Commerce application developers.

  • 78% of users prefer to access shops through their mobile applications instead of mobile sites.
  • 19% of all US online sales are completed through cellular devices and images can reach 27 percent in the next few months.
  • 56% of users prefer to use the eCommerce application to shop for this holiday season prize.
  • Prospective buyers Stay 3 to 4 more on mobile applications than on mobile and desktop sites together.
  • There are 50% chances that e-commerce application users will return in the next 30 days
  • The mobile application has a level of neglect of baskets at least 20%. This is contrary to the level of neglect of 68% of the desktop basket and the level of neglect of mobile site 97%.
  • Push notifications get customers back to online stores with an open rate of 90% and a 40% click-up level.
  • In 2020, users who enable push notifications back to the eCommerce application on average about 14 times per month while those who do not activate it only returned around 5 times per month.
  • The average order value on the eCommerce application is 140% higher than the average order value on mobile sites and 130% higher than the average order value on the desktop site.

As mentioned earlier, the statistics described above were released by several application developers and they were very reliable. But if you are still not sure of the recurrence of mobile applications and application developers to business, then you also have to consider the following reasons.

Customers prefer the application to a mobile browser

Often, when you shop from an online store, you tend to return to the store if you enjoy the product. In that situation, you must remember the URL but download the store application will not need to remember any URL.

After you have an application, you only need to register once and you don’t need to log in again. Mobile sites require you to enter at any time.

In addition, the application offers more security and higher speed than mobile sites. In fact, application developers take the time to make the eCommerce application super safe because they know the user will enter credit/debit card information on it.

Mobile Application Increases Customer Loyalty

Are you wondering why application developers make their application icons very typical? There are two reasons for that. First, this makes the application stand out, among others in the App Store.

The second reason is that it functions as a constant reminder of the user’s mind as he navigates by phone. Increases Customer Loyalty

It works like a giant physical billboard established in a strategic location. You know the advertising board is usually not established on dead streets or roads with low traffic.

They are usually established on streets with high-volume legs and vehicle traffic. This is because when people pass, they are reminded of a brand.

This is the same as your application users who navigate through their phone reminded of your store and whenever they need to order any product, they will first reach your application.

In addition, buyers generally spend more time on eCommerce applications than on desktops, laptops, and mobile sites put together.

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The simplicity of use and enhanced user experience

Often it is easier to navigate through mobile applications than through mobile or desktop sites. This is because the application has been designed with a small screen of mobile devices in mind. This is why even children can navigate through many mobile applications, unlike websites.

The application also offers a faster response than a mobile site. This is an important feature because application users are generally impatient and after your site is needed more than 10 seconds to load, they will throw it away. All of this is for user experience.

Availability of push notifications

Push notification is an effective tool in making customers back to your store. As mentioned above, users who activate push notifications again 14 times a month while those who do not activate the features are only returned an average of 5 times a month.

This underlines the importance of push notification of the increase in your conversion rate. Remember, some users are impulse buyers. There is no marketing strategy capturing buyers’ impulses more than push notifications. So, push notification is one reason the mobile application is needed for online retailers.

After establishing the fact that the mobile application promotes more sales than mobile sites and websites, it also needs to clearly state that there are several more tips to apply to your mobile application to increase your conversion rate. Some of them have been discussed below.

Short your registration form

Nothing disturbs users more than an unnecessary registration form. This is one of the main reasons for the high level of waiver. You know many applications now present the registration form at check out. Sometimes when the user looks at the length of the form, he will leave the cart.

The form of the three fields seems to be the best. In fact, what you need is just a name, telephone number, residential address, and email address.

However, if you need further information for profiles, you need to make it optional but give incentives to users to provide more information.

Whatever method you want to adopt, never forget to remove the captcha. Placing captcha in the online registration form not only becomes obsolete but also becomes counterproductive.

Include Advanced 24/7 support

Because your online store is open 24/7, your customer support must also run 24/7. It’s even better to take advantage of direct chat in the application or chatbot. That way, customer problems can be completed immediately in the application instead of having to leave the application to make a call.24 hours support

It’s also better to make your phone number a call link in your application so that your application users only need to tap the number to start the call for you or your customer support team.


It is wise to have a functional website before you get an app. Once you have potential customers, urge them to download your app. Follow by using the app to generate profitable opportunities.

Create engagement by encouraging user interactions and reviews. International App developers agree this s a great way to ensure your business’s success.

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