app store optimization tools

What are the benefits of the App Store Optimization (ASO) tools?

If you plan to invest in the app business, there is no doubt that many people must observe your app. The App Store optimization tools guide you to reach the right target audience by increasing the visibility of your app in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

One of the main advantages of the ASO tools is to make keyword research more accurate for targeted audiences. This keyword density can be easily tracked by the App store optimization tools.

So the tool will make it easier to find the target keywords.

After the ASO platform is planned purposely, it will increase organic downloads by convincing the target audience to get it.

On the other side, higher ranking keywords will have a strong impact on the number of app downloads. If the app store optimization strategies are implemented properly and also constantly updated, both app visibility and conversion rates will increase.

So the app will stay longer at the top of the store list.

Best App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools

We have listed the best App Store Optimization Tools that provide services to grow your business by driving more traffic to your app page in the App Store or Google Play, with increasing keyword rankings and downloads.


Apptweak is the easiest and most effective tool for growing app businesses of all sizes.
Apptweak provides the best tools and support to take your ASO initiative to the next level.

With accurate data science is how they make a difference. Every day, they collect reliable data and leverage in-depth learning algorithms to highlight vital metrics and insights that can be followed up.

To help users for optimizing ASO strategy, they ensure a full understanding of how they collect and calculate data. Transparency informs the future decisions of their users, strengthens your ASO knowledge, and empowers you to achieve your ASO goals.

Apptweak is the easiest to use. ASO optimization can be extraordinary, but not with Apptweak! Since its inception, users have liked Apptweak for the design-centered and intuitive.

  • With AppTweak 3millions+ Keywords are tracked every day
  • With 70+ Countries and languages
  • 235,000 Metadata updates per day

Every day, they collect reliable data and data science leverage to highlight the vital metrics and insight that can be followed up. This principle is the heart of everything they do. So, how do they train this? Here is an example of how they develop their similar app features:

  • Collect and save data
    The first thing, they collect data directly from the app store. They start by tracking and storing each app listed in a similar app section of each app page in the App Store.
  • Analysis through data science
    Their data scientists use their skills to analyze and understand the data. This allows them to identify clear patterns that connect the app in a similar app section.
  • Determine KPI and insight
    Furthermore, their data scientists define KPIs and insights that affect the performance of their user’s app, such as the estimated display. This metric helps you understand how many impressions received by your app appear on other app pages in the similar app section.
  • Intuitive interface design
    Last but not least, their designers and developers are talented to build an intuitive interface to help you access this data faster and easier!

AppTweak’s unique features


Keyword Impact

apptweak keyword impact data sheet


Competition Monitoring

apptweak competion monitoring data sheet

ASO Timeline and Metadata

apptweak timeline and metadata

Featured Apps

apptweak featured apps data sheet

Downloads to Reach Top

apptweak downloads to top graph

Market Shares Seasonality

apptweak market share seasonality data graph


2- MobileAction

MobileAction is an All-in-One App Marketing Intelligence Platform that provides these major app store optimization functions:

  • ASO Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Ad Intelligence
  • SDK Intelligence

– ASO Intelligence

Unlock the data with 3M+ keywords and all ASO tools are important to provide your app higher visibility.

Keyword tracking


mobileaction aso keyword tracking data sheet

Take advantage of extensive keyword datasets to track any keywords, spy on your competitors, and learn about your ranking performance.

Find potential keywords for your app by browsing their extensive sets collected from your competitor’s keywords, descriptions of your app, and keywords that make the most of the download.

Analyze your keyword rating history for all keywords you track. Add a few keywords from your app to one graph and compare changes in rank.

Keyword optimization


mobileaction aso keyword optimization graph

Test your app title, subtitles, short descriptions, App Store Connect keywords, and descriptions before you leave. Easily detect which keywords you miss in your ranking factor and compare your titles and subtitles with your competitors in seconds.

Change the country and test your local ranking factors to rank at the top of your targeted storefront.

Keyword Suggestion


mobileaction aso keyword suggestion graph

Defeat your competitors in their own game! Find out their keyword’s higher decode rankings than their app store optimization strategy.

See your competitors’ keywords that you are not ranked to find possible ranking opportunities for your app. Compare all competing apps for you, and uncover the possibility of your app appearing in the top 10 for these keywords.

Keywords spy


mobileaction aso keyword spy data graph

Your competitors’ metadata spies, organic ratings, and paid keywords, and Apple search ads recommend keywords to get the best advice.

Find top downloads bring your competitors’ keywords and the most popular categories for whatever categories you choose. Track any keywords from your competitors easily and look at your rank for each.

Keyword research


mobileaction aso keyword research graph

Find new keywords for every keyword seed you have. Enter keywords and find similar keywords, long-tailed keywords, Apple Auto-Fill & Google Play suggestions. See the latest trend search for inspiration.

Easily add the keywords you want into your tracking list and see the keyword shared between your tracking list and the suggestions displayed to compare it in one dashboard.

Keyword Explorer


mobile action aso keyword explorer graph

Browse which apps are displayed by the app store for different search terms and all KPIs are related to the success of the app in one Snapshot.

Compare key metrics from various ranked apps for keywords, such as download, income, and average ranking.

Find keywords similar to scores assigned to your keyword requests. Find suggestions for long-tailed keywords and keywords directly from the App Store.

Keyword trends


mobileaction aso keyword trends graph

Pay attention to the real-time view of the most popular keywords with sound section, history of popularity, and analysis of similarities.

Utilizing the history of popularity to see sustainable changes in the popularity of keywords selected and compare them with each other in one graph.

Get insight into search results that are digested at a glance with the sound metric section, organic page view, and look for ad impressions.

ASO report


mobileaction aso report graph

No need to enter your keyword manually! Get the overall report of keyword, ASO of your app, or any other app. The easiest way to see how many keyword rank apps are, weekly changes in ranking distribution, and historical ratings with keywords.

Use the keyword ranking distribution to see how many keywords whatever app ranks in a critical position. Updated every day, ranking distribution signifies the overall success of the app.

Visibility report


mobileaction visibility report graph

Compare your app visibility scores with your competitors in various countries. Search fast, find out where you go beyond your competitors and how your visibility score has changed over time as a result of your ASO’s efforts.

Dive deeper into the country’s special visibility score and see who gets the crown of visibility for each storefront.

keyword Intelligence


mobileaction aso keyword intelligence graph

See the correlation between keywords and downloads. Find out how certain keywords affect any organic download app.

Uncover the contribution of the percentage of keywords that provide organic downloads. Track your competitors’ keywords to understand how their download numbers are affected by the keywords they use, and easily optimize your keyword strategies.

Search Ads Intelligence


mobileaction search ad intelligence graph

Polish your ASO strategy with the power of searching keyword ads from your competitors!

See all paid keywords, they bid and trace these keywords to be used for your organic growth. Use the search ad visibility score to find out the most successful app in ASA and find the top advertisers in all categories.

You can also search for keywords and see who runs the ad on that keyword to uncover hidden competitors.

App update timeline


mobileaction app update timeline graph

Peek at what is updated your competitors, and detect changes to position your app better.

Advertising material is the most important conversion optimization factor of any app. Be careful of your competitors by finding all the changes they make in their creative assets.



mobileaction app localization data

Get a better understanding of your competitors’ global strategies. Check local content and learn about the countries that are in the highest rank.

Separate your app localization strategies, compare various local apps and express their motivation for localization to strengthen your position in different markets.

– Market Intelligence

Follow the trends in app markets with reliable download and revenue estimates for 5M+ apps to make better decisions.
Get the latest insight into the most important metrics of the market and position your app better with accurate and reliable data.

Download, estimate income & use


mobileaction app download revenue usage estimates data graph

Find the most accurate daily and historical data on the estimated download and income of any app! Benchmark your competitors and determine how to catch up with them in a different window.

See how many users are daily and monthly (DAU & MAU) you have to realize your product strategy. Look at estimates in estimates for other apps to find out more about their use statistics.

Top App & Publisher


mobileaction top apps publishers draph data

Find the lowest app downloaded by filter through categories, location intervals, and dates.

Find the hidden king of the shop A.K.A “publisher” with distributed downloads among apps. Analyzing each publisher in terms of download estimates and their overall income and the contribution of individual apps for their daily, weekly, or monthly performances.

Store Summary


mobileaction app store summary graph

See the forecast of downloads and income from each category in all major markets! Detect download trends and dynamics of any category for the time interval of your choice.

Uncover market conditions recently in various verticals, using filters such as several countries and categories. See the historical overview to get a general picture of the status of your category from time to time.

– Ad Intelligence

With ad intelligence reach 19M+ ad creatives and 17+ ad networks of thousands of apps to fine-tune your user acquisition strategy.

Campaign analysis & impression


mobileaction app campaign impression analysis graph

Analyzing the highest performance ads, their creative assets, and call-to-action of 10 (and more) ad networks. Strain them based on networks, types, duration, state, and scores the impression to understand what makes a successful ad campaign.

See all vital metrics at once. Find information about the number of total & active apps, publishing apps for selected apps, and active countries & advertising networks.

Analysis of ad publishers


mobileaction app publisher analysis graph

Find out which app hosts the type of advertising from which network to uncover the best hosts for your ad campaign. Strain results based on network and state to understand different app marketing strategies.

The form of your data and see what you want! Destroy it to be a smaller time interval for better analysis and use different sorting options to get reports that present the best.

Top advertisers


See who dominates the advertising ecosystem on various ad networks to get a better understanding of competition.

Sort the top advertisers based on the creative amount and score their impressions easily. Get the best insight into a screen that is filtered in accordance with various verticals such as categories, networks, and countries. Create a shortcut list for the app you follow to save time on your daily analysis.

Top AD Publisher


mobileaction top app ad publishers graph

Discover how advertisers & networks spread ads into the app and detect the densest apps of advertising.

Explore the list of top publishers in your way! Filter with the market, and select the time interval to get a better insight. Sort the whole list based on the number of creative and state.

Top Creatives


mobileaction app top creatives graph

Remove millions of advertising materials in the app! Explore the entire database and find various types of advertisements such as images, videos, and advertisements that can be played.

Search for apps or publishers to view videos, images, ads that can be played, the call-to-action text, and add titles to find great tips for creating your own advertising campaign. Create a collection of creative interest in accessing it anytime easily.

Top App Publishers


mobileaction top app publishers graph

Express the most active app publishers in the ad space in the app. See which app running ads, the ad network they use, and more insight.

Easily filter the list for app categories, network ads, storefronts, and see all data in the time window you choose.

– SDK Intelligence

View 2.4M Apps with SDK Data and filter over 2K SDK technologies used by every app to get the most updated insights. Discover the most accurate list of SDK technologies used by every app.

App analysis


mobileaction app analysis data

Be careful of every movement of your competitors! Uncover the SDK used in your competitor’s app.

Learn which SDK is widely used in your domain to advance in the competition. Get information about the latest technology and craft your app store optimization strategies accordingly.

SDK analysis


mobileaction app sdk analysis data

Think using a certain SDK? See who used it and understood whether it would give you a competitive advantage.

Get a list of apps using the SDK that you are interested in and the SDK is similar. Filter the results with categories to see specific apps using certain SDKs.



mobileaction app top sdk data

Find the most popular SDK among app developers to find out more about market trends.

SDK top filter by the type of library and app categories to get data that suits your needs.

3- SensorTower

SensorTower is a leading provider of market intelligence and insight into the global economy app. Established in 2013 and based in San Francisco.

Sensor Tower provides industry-level data on mobile apps and publishers through their:

  • Consumer Intelligence
  • App Teardown
  • Usage intelligence
  • App intelligence
  • Store intelligence
  • Ad intelligence platform

which offers downloads, and metrics involvement with accuracy compatible for the most important market in the world.

– Consumer Intelligence

User retention data and mobile involvement include additional data science signals to create predictive models that are then scaled globally. The revolutionary consumer intelligence sensor platform is powered by one of the largest and most reliable exclusive user panels in the world to provide a realistic and granular understanding of audience behavior.

With consumer intelligence, your team can place a critical context for the use of trends among the audience of some of the largest apps in the world.

Engagement Insights


sensortower consumer engagement insights graph

Find the relevant user behavior trend in the mobile economy. With SensorsTower’s Consumer Intelligence Platform, you can compare the performance of involvement among the largest apps in the world.

Plus, understand the behavior of users with mobile categories, or specific app groups and zoom to time spent by different time segments, and find sessions calculated in the selected time series.

Cohort involvement


sensortower cohort engagement graph

Set the benchmark for success in connection with a unique subset of users. Measure users’ involvement by seeing whether the subset of users involved with social networks spends less time in certain apps.

Plus, measure the main app performance relative to involvement in a broader category and identification of user groups that tend to use certain apps or app groups.

Cohort retention


sensortower cohort retention graph

Engagement is just one of the elements of mobile success – many of which pursue the main “sticky” app. The cohort retention presents unique retention insights that indicate week-to-week retention throughout a certain time series and the behavior of differences among the main apps in the same category.

Time of Day


sensortower consumer time of day graph

The exclusive user panel of consumer intelligence makes it possible to see profound user behavior. The time of day takes a step more advanced involvement by showing how users engage every hour with the main app and uncover differences in use between apps in the same category.

Plus, compare per hour behavior between apps and a global audience to see how different companies are involved with the app.

– App Teardown

The App Teardown allows you to look under the most successful market hood and see how their developers approach mobile technology.

App Teardown detects SDKs available in the app quickly and efficiently, highlighting the existence of dozens of different SDKs. It also works along with other sensor tower products to provide SDK information to your existing workflow.

You can find hidden technology that moves a successful app. Every day, mobile companies continue to send the most innovative experience and technology and are often valued for their future thought strategies.

App Teardown provides bird-eye views from the market that is not visible. By identifying SDKs and technology in binaries – but are not available for the public. You can see hidden players whose technology is the most successful app in the world.

Top SDKs


sensortower app teardown top sdks

Get a broad view of how SDK’s penetration affects the mobile market. The Top SDK feature in the App Teardown shows which SDK is generally present in both App Store and Google Play.

You can also identify which SDK is dominant in certain app categories, game subcategories, or income thresholds, and how apps with certain SDK have appeared throughout the world for the past month.

SDK Detection


sensortower app teardown sdk detection

The top app utilizes various SDKs to handle the main functions, buried in the code line. Sensor Tower App Teardown  Detects SDKs available in the app automatically, exposes the dozens of SDKs to think of business every time the new app version is published.

With App Teardown, you can get an understanding of important data on a glimpse, such as app SDKs or Publisher utilizing. You can also explore how the third-party-created SDKs handle important app functions, such as advertising and attribution, and determines whether appointed apps or competitors run the latest code.

SDK Global Fields


sensortower sdk global fields

SDK Global Fields works on other top app pages, allowing the filtering of high-performance apps that are easy and concise.

With the App Teardown, you can use the SDK Global Fields in the dashboard of your choice to coat SDK detection to another, such as the percentage of app growth or daily active users (DAU).

You can also use it to understand the OPAQUE business strategy, such as mediated advertising impressions. Plus, see where SDK overlaps on the app with other elements the same, such as downloads in certain countries or initial income per download (RPD).

– Usage Intelligence

The App Store is ready to be home to more than five million apps in 2021, and measuring the success of the app becomes increasingly difficult in this crowded market.

The use of intelligence allows you to distinguish real growth from noise by following travel installations. Now you can quickly understand which app helps its users most.

In addition, you can find demographics, the number of active users, session metrics, and other usage characteristics of competitor apps thanks to the most accurate estimation of industries.

Active Users


sensortower usage active users

Which app is still on the user’s device? How many users return every day, weekly and monthly to the top app?

With Usage intelligence, you can measure the metric that is really important. You can validate investment decisions, explore before and after the effects of large products or marketing launches, understand the adoption of the drive mechanics drive which, and more.



sensortower retention

Maintaining your user base is very important to build a successful app business. Intelligence storage metrics use allow app developers, investors, and product managers to quickly compare top retention rates for top apps at each stage of customer travel.

With usage intelligence, you can compare the retention rate of several apps at the main stage in the user’s life cycle. Retention allows you to quickly distinguish sustainable apps from viral apps where interest users are quickly reduced.



sensortowear demographics

Understanding the makeup demographic app can help encourage opportunities for strategic partnerships and planning. Build your Personas’ target with data rather than instincts.

With demographics from the usage intelligence, you can find any app’s key age and gender cohort. Identify opportunities for partnerships and media based on your user’s interest, and better understand where your core audience spends time on phones.

Session data


sensortower session data

Session data allows you to go on one deeper level in measuring involvement. How many times every day are users return to the app? Is this session short or long?

With the number of sessions and session duration, you can quickly measure the quality of the user expenditure in the app. Discover the techniques of re-involvement of top apps that bring users back more often.

Time spent


sensortower usage time spent

Benchmark the involvement of your app against competitors based on the cumulative size of the time spent in the app every day, week, and month.

The time spent is the main indicator for potential lifetime values ​​from users. The usage intelligence helps you understand which app attracts the most effective users, and how your own app compares.

App Overlap


sensortower app overlap chart

The app overlap gives you insight into other apps, your users are more likely to interact with their devices. It also reveals which app users are more likely to use your app.

This data can be used to allocate your advertising budget more effectively, identify potential partnerships and competitors, better understand your user behavior, and more.

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– App intelligence

App Store Optimization is the main pillar in a comprehensive approach for app growth and user acquisition. ASO and paid campaigns are complementary growth strategies that jointly encourage significant and eternal gains in the rank of App Store and user growth.

With App intelligence, monitor all aspects of the global window of your app, track, test, and optimize keyword strategies, and pay attention to your competition.

App Profiles


sensortower app profile

Free app profiles for use and offer comprehensive insights about millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play. Review information such as app descriptions, screenshots, rating history, reviews, and monthly download and income estimates.

Track the increase and fall of the app by following our exclusive visibility score metrics. Analyze daily rankings and summaries of high-level countries with category ranking modules.

Review history


sensortower review history

Utilizing a history review to check the remaining previous reviews for your app based on the country, version, rank, and date. Easy to see the consequences of app updates, price changes, and other changes to user feedback.

With analysis of reviews on our company platform, filter out keywords the most mentioned reviews in the reviews to identify the biggest pain points of your users or export reviews to complete your own analysis.

Featured App History


sensortower featured rankings

Displays in-store apps have a big impact on app performance. Take advantage of the superior app rankings to see the profound impact on displaying, looking creative when they appear on the App Store, and more.

Available for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in various countries, the Insight of the superior app is a powerful way to explore the performance of the dynamics app that is driving.

Sales Metrics & App Analytics


sensortower app analytics

Check-in on the daily performance of your app with my sales metrics dashboard. Connect your app credentials to easily see downloads and income data.

The new Analytics App metric module allows you to slice and compare metrics such as display app stores, installations, sessions, and more without the need to visit the iTunes Connect dashboard.

App Store Optimization


sensortower ASO rankings

Track a daily category and rank keywords for any app. Identify the most valuable keywords to jump, guided by our keyword suggestions. Search for estimates of traffic scores and keyword difficulty ratings.

With a predictive ranking feature on the company, evaluating the possibility of your app will be ranked in the top 10 results for the keywords provided.

Competitive Analysis


sensortower compititive anlysis

Evaluate keyword rankings and your competitors, and keyword selection strategies. Research alternative keywords and adjust themselves to compete with or avoid your competitors.

With the Timeline update on Enterprise, examining each change competitor to create titles, icons, screenshot, keywords, and their descriptions.

Daily email report


sensortower aso daily email report

Your app market performance surveys quickly with daily reports in your inbox. Monitor your category rank, track significant changes in keyword rankings, read on recent user reviews, and accept daily downloads and income reports by connecting the iTunes connected account or Google Play to their platform.

Localization Analysis


sensortower locallization

Monitor your app localization efforts in every market. Translate your newly selected keywords into dozens of languages ​​with one click.

With internationalization analysis of the company, analyzing the distribution of global users of your app relative to certain competitors or the average category.

– Store Intelligence

Download & Accurate App Revenues estimate driving a strategic decision. A strong algorithm and hundreds of millions of intelligence data points, allowing deep insights and can be followed up to the App Store and Google Play. Store intelligence offers an unparalleled analysis and web-based income for millions of apps, thousands of publishers, and all countries and the main categories.

Top Apps and Publishers


sensortower top apps and publishers

Find the top apps and publishers with downloads or estimates of income in each category or country in the App Store and Google Play, or explore both markets at once with a unified display.

Jump to the top app and publisher in all stores with absolute performance or week-to-week growth. Check the fastest-growing app in your field of interest and send them to app analysis for dive or more comparisons between apps.

App Analysis: App Revenue Estimates & More



sensortower App Analysis App Revenue Estimates More

Dive into and compare the download app distribution and revenue estimates throughout the country and the device.

Evaluate the success of your app in various markets or complete competitor research to determine the user’s acquisition requirements to achieve a certain ranking. Add additional apps to Chart to find which new app is on the rise and that has faded into the background.

Publisher Breakdown


sensortower publisher breakdown

Visualize each publisher and revenue estimates based on apps, categories, countries, and devices.

See which app forms a majority part of the portfolio or publisher side by side. Answer questions like what mobile giants win over users in developing countries or media companies that go up and come that make the most successful transition from the web to mobile.

Global & Custom Tags


sensortower global custom tags

Utilizing a variety of global tags to filter noise and find exactly what you are interested in. Update every day, the choice of global tags that continue to increase, sensor tower can be used as filters during analysis, or added as additional data to the table.

Want to dive into the Freemium game released in the last three months and most popular in Asia? Global tags make it happen. Or, easily create your own custom tags that cut meaningful information for your organization directly in the sensor tower.

Unified Apps & Publishers


sensortower unified apps publishers

The days focus on one platform or country and ignore others is, for most developers, passed well. The sensor tower waits for analyzing the fragmented mobile market by bringing together apps and localized publishers, cross-platforms, published cross, inactive, or connected.

Want to investigate certain sub-apps or versions? A simple toggle lets you see only downloads and revenue estimates that you are interested in.

Store Summary


sensortower store summary

Analyze the App Store and Google Play Downloads and estimates of income based on categories, countries, and devices.

Dig into a macro-level trend in all categories, countries, and devices. Find markets and parts from the app industry to monetize the most efficient and prepared for substantial growth.

Game Taxonomy


sensortower game taxonomy

With the Game Taxonomy new sensor tower feature, you can break the game category to reveal the performance of mobile games in different genres. From match 3 to the racing arcade, the taxonomy game goes beyond the information found in the App Store and Google Play to better understand the mobile game industry.

Get insight into development strategies and launch plans for partnerships and acquisition opportunities, and develop a critical understanding of how certain types of games experience success in downloading and income.

Further segment data to understand the nuances in the genre of a game and certain styles to better understand where your next chance is.

– Ad intelligence

With Advertisement, intelligence Develop a user acquisition campaign that won with insight into mobile advertising.
Advertisement intelligence is driven by hundreds of millions of mobile advertising shows of all major ad networks and app data from your app intelligence platform.

Uncover insights such as the publisher of which app spends most of the mobile app campaigns every week, which network presents impressions for certain apps, and granular details for each creative content captured. There are no competing platforms that match the app coverage or main ad networks supported.

Creative Gallery


sensortower creative gallery

Find the most effective creative from your competitors and use that knowledge to encourage your own campaign conversion.

Dig into the details of the ad material, including ad networks that present advertising, type of device, creative resolution, and when it was first and the last was arrested. Observe the characteristics of the top advertising material and take advantage of this learning to optimize your own strategy.

Impression Analysis


sensortower impression analysis

Find out where your competitors allocate their budget. Quickly see how their spending changes every day on all their ad networks.

With ad intelligence, you can quickly see whether the boost in the top charts is caused by advertising expenses, or by the growth of organic viruses. Research your competitor’s expenditure strategy and use it to your advantage according to your budget and develop your next mobile app campaign strategy.

Top Advertisers & Publishers


sensortower top advertisers publishers

Keep your pulse spend in certain geographical can take time. Ad Intelligence quickly shows you which app drives the most inventory last week with the leaderboard impression.

Do you want to know who runs a burst campaign in Australia on all major networks? Top advertisers make this fast and easy to analyze.


One of the best app data platforms of this industry. Integrates your app data with comprehensive market data, the latest data science, deep data foundation, and interesting data experience.

Through this platform, you can get direct access to all the latest innovations and data technology. Sharing the right data with the right person at the right time, an opportunity for prime pinpoint and most important create a winning strategy with:





app annie discover chart 1

Reveal opportunities for cross-country growth and categories. Discover the market that experienced the biggest growth by analyzing app market trends based on downloads and income throughout the world.


app annie discover and compare apps

Sharpen your competitive knowledge by getting an in-depth understanding of the app market landscape. Track competitive market share in all downloads, income, use, and machine engagement.


app annie discover top app charts 1

Identify players who appear and competitive threats. Recognize competitive threats proactively by analyzing performance trends in your category.



app annie competitive data on the best in class features

Equip your mobile app development with competitive data on the best features in its class. Analyze and implement the most effective features throughout the country, categories, and user segments.


app annie Strategize Identify potential partnerships

Identification of potential partnerships by studying which apps are most often involved by users. Make a smarter partnership decision by accessing the use of cross-app and affinity scores for your users.


app annie Strategize global expansion plan using macro level market data

Determine the global expansion plan using macro-level market data. Expand to the main market based on competitive saturation and categories in the application ecosystem.



app annie Acquire Increase paid and organic downloads

Improve paid and organic downloads at lower costs with keyword strategies driven by data. Get advantages in the app store to your ASO Competitor’s strategy to ensure app visibility with competitive paid search ads.


app annie Acquire Improve your mobile advertising strategy
Improve your mobile advertising strategy by monitoring your competitor’s advertising campaign. Get insight into major ads based on a network share and advertisers on advertising platforms, countries, and categories.


app annie Aquire Optimize ad spend by identifying the best ad platforms
Optimize advertising expenses by identifying the best advertising platforms in all regions. Create ad campaign decisions based on information with an average cost per install and conversion throughout the country and category.


app annie engage best practices for increasing mobile app engagement

Uncover the best practices to increase the involvement of mobile apps by identifying top performance apps in your category. Find features that drive user increases and active retention for your competitors before implementing them in your own product strategy.


app annie engage boost downloads and user sentiment

Take advantage of user reviews on a scale to increase downloads and user sentiments. Automate monitoring reviews with the help of natural language processing to disclose signals that can be followed up that make users happy and protect your market share.


app annie engage demographics and user behaviors

Create products that are more focused by developing user profiles based on demographics and user behavior. Encourage brand loyalty that is stronger by aligning features and sending messages to your target audience.




app annie monitize Increase revenue by evaluating top monetization practices

Increase income by evaluating and utilizing top monetization practices. Analysis of how feature and promotion updates in the app affect monetization from time to time, then apply the driver for revenue for your own strategy.


app annie monitize accurate mobile app data
Correlate how competitors monetize outside the app store with accurate mobile app data. Produce competitive income estimates by using downloading and metrics of use as proxies for user expenditure behavior.


app annie monitize Optimize your in app advertising revenue
Optimize advertising revenue in your app based on the performance of advertising platforms and traffic quality. Make a better advertising partnership decision by making sure the advertiser’s audience is parallel to your user base.


At the end:

All app store optimization tools mentioned above provide the necessary information including keywords, downloads, income, and user involvement that can be used to get your app more users through the store search.

Take advantage of these app store search optimization tools and add more value to your app. These ASO tools help the app for high ranking and get better visibility.

If you have any questions and queries or if you want any ASO services then Contact Us for better guidance and all play store services.

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